We’re all about being better, and doing better - Velo

Welcome to Velo - wow, it feels good to say that out loud! This moment has been a long time coming and I’m so proud to finally be here, sharing this product and my journey with you. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get the intro’s out the way… 

I’m Josie and I am the founder and creator of Velo Beauty - a brand that is passionate about being the best version of ourselves, both mentally and physically, and empowering both women and men (yes, let’s hear it for the boys too!) to live life to the fullest. We believe that if you look good, you feel good (and vice versa) and we want to deliver you a product that not only provides beauty and skincare benefits, but one that we know you won’t wanna be without!

A self confessed beauty junkie and dreamer of being my own boss, the Velo concept was created in 2018 when I realised life was too short to not pursue my passions. I was a single parent, working 9 days a fortnight and I decided after months of brainstorming and research that I wanted to create and formulate my own beauty products. Like many working mums, after having my beautiful son, I found the busier I became the less time I was spending on myself and my own self-care. It’s a tricky balance (seemingly impossible at times I know) but if I could create something that would kill two birds with one stone - be quick and efficient but help me look and feel amazing - then hell, I was gonna create it!

I may have been naive thinking how easy this project would be, but managing a full time job, a child, and with no scientific or real beauty background, I discovered that ignorance is in fact bliss and sometimes the best thing to do is just throw yourself in the deep end, rather than paddle out with floaties. I realised that my perseverance and determination to deliver only the best to YOU, could overcome any fear or doubt I had along the way, and any obstacles I faced or challenges that arose were just speed bumps put there to test my commitment and ambition.

Now, I admit I was ambitious with how quick I thought this would all come to fruition, but after 3 years of planning and perfecting the brand and product, I know within my bones that I am proud of what I’ve accomplished and that the personal growth and learnings along the way were all worth it - because they have brought me here, to this point. 

Velo - short for velocity - is all about doing more with less. It is the principle behind Velo’s formula, as well as the foundation on which Velo’s commitment is based.

“We formulate intelligent beauty products that provide a cosmeceutical benefit.”

With a breathable base and infused with active skincare ingredients - Hyaluronic acid, plant-based collagen and vitamin E - our Velo Skinwear is guaranteed to deliver flawless results, whilst working to care for your skin. Velo is gender-neutral and our products are suitable for both women and men. We are all about holistic living, seeking positivity, and keeping in mind that progress over perfection is key for personal growth and fulfilment. 

Thank you for joining me on this adventure! I’m so proud of what we’ve created and I can’t wait for you to experience the beauty that is Velo.

Much love, 

Josie xx