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Skinwear BB Cream (T5)


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BB Cream for darker skin tone

The Velo Beauty T5 BB cream is the perfect BB cream for light brown to dark skin tone, with no freckles and tans easily.

In five tints, there’s a shade for every face, and each of the day’s moments.

An extension of you, Velo brings confidence to your workout and enhances your athleisure attitude. Wear Velo when you lift, run, stretch, think, express, share, hydrate – caffeinate. The T5 BB cream is the perfect cream for brown skin tone, it is breathable, which means that you don’t feel weighed down by your makeup and is effortless to apply.

It’s a winning blend of Hyaluronic Acid (Ha), Plant-based Collagen (Col) and Vitamin E (Ve), creating a breathable base of cosmeceutical ingredients in a long-wearing formulation with a light, natural earthy scent.

It’s made for your most intense workout, hydrating, plumping, and letting your skin breathe while you work towards harmony of body and mind… or nourish the soul with brunch and banter.

(Some of us need two tints to carry us through the four seasons. Don’t be afraid to stray, and play.)

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