At Velo Beauty, we’re obsessed with skin - we’re always looking for ways to better care for our skin and achieve that flawless face. What we do know, is that the basis of ANY great makeup starts with GREAT SKIN! Yep, you heard it here first!

Now, this probably isn’t ground breaking news - I’m sure J-Lo didn’t just wake up like that (or did she?) - but looking after your skin is so important and it plays a huge part in how your makeup will not only look but also how it will feel on your skin. As we get older, the term “less is more” seems to become more relevant. Not only do we not have an abundance of time to spend in front of the mirror applying makeup every morning - with the demands of kids, career and life in general - but we are often seeking simple, effortless, yet results driven products to incorporate into our routine. We want our skin to look like skin, not with layer upon layer of makeup caked on.

With the change of seasons we naturally change our wardrobe - coats come out of storage, knitwear keeps us toasty warm and we’re on the hunt for some killer winter boots. But how many of you change up your skincare/makeup routine to suit what your face needs?? Skin tends to get a little bit drier in winter (time to use more hydrating skincare perhaps?), lips can get a little more chapped (keep that paw paw handy) and whilst we may have had a natural glow in summer with very little effort, now we should be trading in those oil free foundations/tinted moisturisers, for something with a bit more dew.

So, in this post, we are going to break down how to analyse and understand your skin and how to determine what the best products are for you - so when it comes to putting on your makeup not only do you have a flawless canvas to work with, but you may realise you don’t need to use as much makeup after all. We’re also going to talk about one of the best makeup products for winter - BB creams - and why our Velo Skinwear is a must-have for your makeup bag this chilly season.


Each of us have been blessed (or perhaps not so blessed) with a skin type, which is usually determined by genetics and the behaviour of our skin. Our skin type can change during puberty or menopause but generally it remains the same. What does change however is our skin condition, which is the behaviour of our skin due to internal and external factors. Skin types/skin conditions are as follows.

SKIN TYPES - Dry, normal/combination, oily

SKIN CONDITIONS - Dehydrated, sensitivity, redness/blotchy, irritated, flaky, pigmented, acne (including blackheads, whiteheads, pimples) allergic reactions.

Beautiful skin begins with a healthy lifestyle which includes eating nourishing foods, drinking lots of water, exercising, not smoking, using sun protection and limiting our intake of caffeine and alcohol (sorry ladies and gents but it's true).

The environment also affects our skin and you will often notice a difference in your skin in the change of seasons - perhaps becoming drier in winter with the cooler climate and slightly shiny in the summer heat. Or if you travel a lot for work your skin can often feel and look a lot more dull or dehydrated. Our skin changes all the time, so we need to look at our skincare the same way.

Whilst we might have an array of makeup products in our beauty cupboards at home, we should also have a selection of skincare, so when we wake up in the morning or go to bed at night we can determine what our skin needs by how it looks and feels and go from there. It’s unlikely our skin is going to need the exact same products year in and year out - just as your foundation colour can change with the seasons, so can your skincare.

So the following is a breakdown on the different types of skin and their conditions, what are the best types of products to use and a basic skincare routine for each.

  • Tight feeling after washing
  • Possible flaky or dry appearance
  • Feels rough/looks dehydrated
  • Small pores/fine lines appear faster
Limit consumption of alcohol and caffeine and drink LOTS of water! Richer cleansers such as cream based, oil based or balm cleansers are going to be the best for you and a good hydrating moisturiser. If you are using a more lightweight SPF moisturiser during the day then be sure to switch it up to a much more nourishing cream at night, especially in the winter seasons. Do not forget your eye cream both day and night as the eye area is the first place to show signs of dryness and dehydration. Please don’t use your face cream around the eyes as this area is more sensitive and the skin is more delicate, your face cream is too rich. If you must use a toner make sure it doesn't contain alcohol as it will strip your skin of any moisture. Exfoliating twice a week to remove dead skin cells is vital in the appearance of your skin, to allow all those good cleansers and moisturisers to penetrate! Treat yourself to a nice hydrating mask once a week too - pamper yourself!

  • Feels comfortable
  • Medium sized pores
  • Cheeks can be slightly dry
  • May have some shine throughout T-zone
Normal/combo skin types can cleanse with foam, gel or cream cleansers or even balm/oil based cleansers in some instances. If you’re on the drier side of combination, cream/balm/oil formulas are best and if you are feeling a little more oily/combination then use gel or foam cleansers. Lightweight lotions or creams during the day with SPF and a more hydrating moisturiser in the evening is best, as your skin does most of its repair work at night and will help to provide that glow to the skin. Don’t forget that eye cream day and night and to exfoliate twice a week also. Depending on how your skin looks or feels that week, treat yourself to a hydrating mask if you're feeling a little dehydrated, or a purifying mask if your T-zone is slightly oily.

  • Medium/large pores
  • Shiny skin
  • Prone to breakouts and congestion
Oily skin types need to monitor their skincare routine and maintain a healthy diet to prevent breakouts. A lot of people with oiler skins tend to lean towards products that are oil free, but this can be a bit of a catch-22. Whilst it would seemingly make sense to avoid using products with oil on an oily skin, if you use everything oil free and you strip your skin of too many natural oils, it can often do a little “freak out” and actually produce more oil to compensate. Remember, everything in balance - maybe a gel or foam cleanser to help dissolve oil build up which will prevent stripping the skin of its natural moisture, and then use a hydrating moisturiser at night. Make sure you cleanse morning and night to remove dirt and keep pores free from congestion. A gentle toner can be used to remove remaining oil after cleansing, providing it’s alcohol free, followed by a lightweight, oil free moisturiser with SPF for the daytime. Don't forget that eye cream and of course ensure you exfoliate two to three times a week. A good purifying mask once a week will also help to decongest pores.


BB creams are a great substitute for foundation. They are lightweight, easy to blend, less irritating on your skin and therefore more ideal for daily wear. At Velo Beauty, we have taken our Skinwear BB Cream one step further by including essential vitamins and nutrients for optimum skin health (hello healthy, glowing skin)!

Eliminating the need for a lengthy beauty routine, this cream combines both skincare and makeup into one simple, daily application. Breathable and long-wearing, consider it your daily armour, providing your skin all that it needs to thrive and look flawless every day.

Our Skinwear features the winning blend of:-

  • Hyaluronic acid - improves elasticity and hydration in the skin
  • Plant-based collagen - prevents water loss and plumps/firms the skin
  • Vitamin E - an antioxidant that moisturises and protects the skin from external damage

With 5 tints available, we can help you find the correct shade to provide natural looking coverage and blend seamlessly into your skin.

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